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"I just recently signed up our camp and conference center with The Buying Networks and from the outset, we have benefited from this new relationship. Even though the savings sounded too good to be true, I can tell you we have saved hundreds of dollars in the first week and in the thousands for our first month. The only cost to us is a few minutes of time to complete some paperwork. What a great trade off for saving our camp and conference center over $100,000 in savings in the coming year. We are now saving more than 50% on our propane gas. We are also saving on our food orders, office supplies, pool supplies and much more. I recommend every camp, conference center and church to sign-up and start saving today. Every day you wait is a day you spend more!"

– Rev. Anthony Yazge, Antiochian Village Camp and Conference Center, Ligonier, PA

"Running a Christian school at a competitive price is a challenge in any economy. The Buying Networks offers discounts that make good fiscal sense today."

– Mr. Bob Carter, Mount Zion Christian School, Manchester, NH

"Our transition to US foods was smooth and allowed us to put the saved funds into more scholarships for children to attend summer camp."

– Rev. Kevin Van Brunt, Executive Director, Sentinel Ministries

"The Buying Networks is the most comprehensive buying group that I have found. We saw a considerable savings in food service immediately..."

– John P. Doman, Food Service Director at O.C.F. at White Sulphur Springs

Welcome to The Buying Networks, USCJ Synagogues and Partners!

The Buying Networks is a money saving company that offers group purchasing to other organizations, giving them the collective buying power they would not have as individuals. We are dedicated to helping your synagogue save money on a wide range of products and services. We can offer savings on office and facility supplies, daycare supplies, food, energy, telecommunications, refuse removal, and more! There are thousands of products and services from which to choose.

Multi-Billion Dollar Purchasing Power...

Our agreements with national suppliers allow members to enjoy multi-billion dollar purchasing power on items or services that they purchase. Preferred pricing is provided to your organization at no additional cost.

Submit the form below to be contacted by one of our savings specialists to help you maximize your savings. There is no obligation, and membership is free.

If you would like to learn more about The Buying Networks and USCJ, visit the FAQ page by clicking the following link: FAQs

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