The Buying Networks, LLC

By completing this form, the organization desires to become a member of The Buying Networks (hereafter known as the Network). The member understands that there is no cost to join, and the member is free to use any vendor agreement the member deems beneficial. The member agrees not to share specific pricing or agreements with non members or other suppliers, which may result in termination of this agreement.

The organization recognizes that the Network will always strive to provide members with agreements that yield the best overall value, with equally strong emphasis on quality, service, and price. The member also understands that the Network will normally be able to purchase at the best quality and price available, but the Network cannot guarantee that this will always occur. The member recognizes that the vendors have made substantial price concessions to support the Network and members. Member agrees to support the vendors when it is beneficial for the member to do so. Should a dispute arise between a vendor and a member, the Network will attempt to assist in the resolution of the dispute; however the Network is not legally considered a party to any transaction between a vendor and a member. This agreement can be terminated by written notification, at any time, by either party.