"In November of 2009 I was in attendance of an annual gathering of American Baptist camps for the Northeast. We get together once a year to have a time of fellowship and sharing. One of the "new" people in our group started to talk about The Buying Networks. They were obviously very excited about all of the savings that their camp was experiencing because of their association with The Buying Networks. Soon another camp shared that they were also involved with The Buying Networks and loved the services that they were receiving. At this point my curiosity was getting the better of me, I have heard stories like this before and they all seemed to fall flat once get to the bottom line. My first question was "what will this cost me?" Nothing was the reply! Nothing! ok I had better look into this. The group left on a Thursday and I was planning on calling TBN early in the week. Tuesday morning I received a phone call from Michael Silver of The Buying Networks, as he had been asked to contact me by the "New" guy of our camping group.

To make a long story short, I had a great conversation with Mike and indeed was convinced that I did not have to front any money for the services of The Buying Networks. With a very few changes in what we do we are expecting to realize a huge savings to the camp's budget in 2010. The first realization of savings came in our propane bills. Camp was averaging a cost of $4.13 a gallon for our propane over the last two years. The last bill we received from Suburban Propane before we signed up with TBN jumped to over $6.00 a gallon! After sending Mike our propane account numbers he called me back within a day and said that through TBN our new rate would be $1.87! That alone should get your attention!

Working with Mike Silver and The Buying Networks has been an easy process. It is obvious to me that Mike has a desire and a heart to help Christian camps and churches save money. As busy as he is he answers phone calls and emails quickly. He has kept me informed of "special deals" that he has worked out and stays in touch. My relationship with Mike and The Buying Networks is relatively new yet I feel that Mike cares for my needs and ministry. I highly recommend that you call Mike and get involved with The Buying Networks your ministry will save money!"

– Donald Smith, Director, Baptist Camp and Conference Center

"I just recently signed up our camp and conference center with The Buying Networks and from the outset, we have benefited from this new relationship. Even though the savings sounded too good to be true, I can tell you we have saved hundreds of dollars in the first week and in the thousands for our first month. The only cost to us is a few minutes of time to complete some paperwork. What a great trade off for saving our camp and conference center over $100,000 in savings in the coming year. We are now saving more than 50% on our propane gas. We are also saving on our food orders, office supplies, pool supplies and much more. I recommend every camp, conference center and church to sign-up and start saving today. Every day you wait is a day you spend more!"

– Rev. Anthony Yazge, Antiochian Village Camp and Conference Center, Ligonier, PA

"Running a Christian school at a competitive price is a challenge in any economy. The Buying Networks offers discounts that make good fiscal sense today."

– Mr. Bob Carter, Mount Zion Christian School, Manchester, NH

"Our relationship with The Buying Networks has been a great asset to our YMCA. We have been able to benefit in several different areas most notably in our purchase of office supplies, energy and food for our child care center. Mike Silver has been wonderful in communicating and keeping us informed about new opportunities as they come about. We continue to work with Mike and the Buying Networks to explore the best options for our YMCA."

– Michael LaChance, CEO, YMCA of Greater Nashua, Merrimack, NH

"The Buying Networks are saving our church hundreds of dollars on propane, office supplies and equipment. I recommend that every church look into what they have to offer. They have the capacity to help your church save money and multiply your resources for Kingdom advantage."

– Dr. David M. Midwood, Senior Pastor Bedford Community Church, Bedford, NH Vice Chairman and Former President of Vision New England

"We are amazed at how much The Buying Networks has saved us. We are a very small camp compared to some and it has been great. Signing up was no trouble. Our rep is very helpful. With The Buying Networks, my Staples orders are delivered next day at no charge with an easily achieved minimum order and we have a Staples rep as well. We have saved over $300.00 with them in our last 5 orders alone! The Buying Networks have many vendors including Bourdon's. We needed quality bed covers and with our discount the shipping was free (they were VERY heavy) and they gave us over $100 off! I have absolutely NO complaints, other than--Why didn't I find them sooner!!!!"

– Pam and Phil Elders, Lake Denton Camp, Avon Park, FL